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Thuy Anh Doan
University of Washington School of Medicine
Medical Scientist Training Program/E-01
Neurobiology and Behavior Program
Phone: 206-616-6957
Email: d8489@u.washington.edu


Research Interest:

Rod photoreceptors generate reproducible single-photon responses despite the inherent variability expected from signals controlled by single molecules. Though the reproducibility, or low variability, of the single-photon responses has been known for many years, the mechanisms responsible for this reproducibility are not well understood. My thesis project in the Rieke laboratory is to understand the mechanisms regulating reproducibility by using molecular, electrophysiological and modeling approaches.


University of Washington B.S. Neurobiology
Vision Training Grant September 2004 -June 2007
(T32 EY-07031)
Poncin Scholarship September 2004 -June 2007
(University of Washington School of Medicine)
Presidential Scholarship September 2000 -June 2001
(McNair Program)
Mary Gates Undergraduate Research Scholarship September 1999 -June 2000
(Mary Gates Foundation, University of Washington)



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  5. Dacke M, Doan TA, and OCarroll, DC (2001) Polarized light detection in spiders. J Exp Biol. 204(Pt 14): 2481-90.

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